KRV² Seminar Team is able to offer advanced engineering seminars by our 10+ years experienced instructors at Renewables, Solar Energy and 3D printing technology. Those seminars are addressed to investors, technical directors, professional engineers, but also engineering students who want to deal with the above technological issues.

Seminar Hours


Cover Areas and Table of Contents

Apart from continuous interactive live education, those seminars can covers topics as the below:

Solar Energy Projects

  • Holistic approach of Solar projects installations
  • Permitting stages and licensing steps
  • Offer stages and key sales points
  • Key points of study/project analysis/project layout preparation
  • Preliminary/construction/As-built design
  • Load/static issues (wind load/dead load/snow load etc)
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Net-Metering concept analysis
  • Car parking concept analysis
  • Roof Exit-Roof Entry protocol
  • Technical evaluation of equipment and devices
  • Telemetry and Monitoring
  • O&M points
  • Real project photos and case studies
  • Interactive learning by practical examples

Operation and Maintenance at Solar Energy Projects

  • Holistic approach of Solar projects Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Detailed presentation of steps regarding preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Effective repair of a PV system.
  • Troubleshooting methods
  • Methods and steps for avoiding malfunctions, in order to maximize return for the final investor.
  • Presentation of a complete technical maintenance file, control of initial design and comparison with the current and future operation of a PV project.
  • Presentation of a maintenance contract
  • Indicative costs of maintenance/repair/damages
  • Control of equipment guarantees and insurance coverage
  • Techno-economical evaluation of O&M

3D Printing Design

  • Holistic approach of 3D printing design
  • Introduction on 3D printing technology
  • Basic principles of modeling in two and three dimensions
  • Training in the production of three-dimensional designs
  • 3D technical drawings creation efficiently and quickly
  • Precision at design
  • Components creation  
  • Basic advantages and challenges on dental and medical design
  • 3D scanning appliances
  • Techno-economical approach


Seminars can take place in our premises

(up to 20 people as per Covid-19 restrictions or via our owned-user/student friendly seminar platfrom)



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